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The Invisible Issue

Over half a million people spend their days without a roof over their head. Almost 200,000 sleep on the streets each night. This is a crisis of humanity and a failure of the market. Despite this, homelessness remains a non-issue on the national political stage and the government has not passed legislation that might provide the solution that our most vulnerable citizens desperately need.

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American News and What Really Matters in the 2018 Pakistani Election

American media coverage of the recent election in Pakistan displays a continuous and trite rhetoric towards politics in Pakistan. The press outlets insist on sticking to rudimentary and outdated reporting that offers nothing new and does not push the envelope towards a new understanding of a society on brink of a societal change. The election of Imran Khan and the victory of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf has historical importance for the people of Pakistan, even if not from the political standpoints of the United States.

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The Surprising Politics of the Hallyu Wave

Hallyu, literally translated as the “flow of Korea,” refers to the recent explosion of South Korea cultural exports around the world. The most significant mainstays are in the realm of entertainment, spearheaded by the booming popularity of Korean pop music and trailed by the rise of beauty, food, and television. The rise of cultural popularity may not seem particularly influential, but for a small political hotspot like South Korea, hallyu is a big deal. South Korea has moved to make preparations to make it the main industry of export in anticipation of its future prosperity.

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