FRequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I write for The Review if I am not a University of Virginia undergraduate student?

A: As of December 2017, we are allowing all Master's students and undergraduates to write for the Virginia Review of Politics. All other individuals are welcome to submit guest articles to the Review, which will be edited according to our internal guidelines if accepted.


Q: Can I write for other publications and also write for The Review?

A: Because one of the main goals of the Review is to serve as a conduit for student voices and perspectives on politics, we do not believe in preventing our writers from expressing their opinions in other publications. Consequently, the Review has no policy requiring a writer to select between writing for the Virginia Review of Politics and another publication.

Nevertheless, prospective applicants who are already writing for or planning to write for another publication should make it clear that they will be able to commit the time necessary for the Review.


Q: Can I submit an article to The Review that's already been published somewhere else?

A: If the article in question was written and adapted from either a class taken at the University, or a post on a private blog or website, you may submit it for re-publication with the Review. If the article has already been published in another, publicly-facing periodical, please contact us to clarify the circumstances of its publication. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


Q: I've missed the application deadline for the semester, but still want to join The Review! How do I apply?

A: Like us on our Facebook page to get updates on when our applications open each semester! Applications will generally open around the time classes start and will run for approximately two weeks afterward. If you have any questions about the Review before the application releases, please contact us via email at or on Facebook.


Q: I'm interested in joining The Review, but am not a very good writer. Can I contribute in other ways?

A: Absolutely. However, we strongly encourage all those without politics or writing experience to apply. Part of the Review's mission is to help develop new writers and thinkers, and we take that responsibility very seriously when considering applications.

If you just want to contribute to our Operations, Interviews, or Productions sections, please contact the appropriate Executive Board member directly via email with a short statement of interest and relevant background experience.