Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Political discourse, though fraught with controversy and contention during even the best of times, is more cacophonous today than ever before. While the brave new world of readily available digital media has made it increasingly easy for politically curious minds to access a wealth of commentary and reporting, citizens are increasingly confined to homogenous belief bubbles. Untangling the objective from the subjective, as well as finding clear, rational discussion, becomes increasingly difficult for the individual looking to critically inform themselves regarding politics.

The Virginia Review of Politics intends to provide that critical lens on politics for readers. While the articles published within the Review over the next few months will often take provocative looks at less-explored areas of politics, our articles share a desire to openly confront the challenges facing the world with an analytical and insightful eye. The Review stands for clear, reasoned discourse, and believes that the best way to foster such an atmosphere is to encourage young writers to clearly express their ideas for the world to see and challenge. By doing so, the Review hopes to pave the way for politically informed but unengaged individuals to explore their own beliefs and positions, in the hopes of creating a more informed and reasoned citizenry.

Articles written by our staff writers over the next few weeks feature a wide variety of topics, including articles concerning the Presidency’s relationship to Twitter, the future of U.S. environmental policy, the potential repeal of Dodd-Frank, the changing landscape of AI regulation, and various conceptions of the Alt-Right movement. We hope that you find these articles enjoyable, and that you too will join us in creating a more intellectually diverse and creative community in the upcoming months and years.