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Here are some keywords that might help spark ideas (you are NOT limited to these topics):

elitism, student activism, tuition, endowment, research, university-industrial complex, student housing, Greek life, secret societies, Aramark, university police, divestment, burnout, career pigeonholes, pre-professional, protest, administration, Honor, learning, theory and praxis, knowledge production, admissions, drinking culture, Kavanaugh, town and gown, affirmative action, “do what you love,” college sports, decolonization, mental health, Commerce, free speech, diversity and representation, Alderman library, eugenics, education reform, curricula, Board of Visitors, Women’s March, cultural appropriation, the Long Sixties, foreign exchange students, neoliberalism, contracted labor

Print Edition: The Ivory Tower

Hello everyone!

The Virginia Review of Politics is now taking submissions from the University at large for our Spring magazine. Our theme is The Ivory Tower. We hope writers will explore the role that institutions of higher education play in politics and society, a topic that is particularly relevant to students at the University of Virginia. The theme opens up various avenues of exploration –– you can take this topic in any direction you choose. Please feel free to use this opportunity to express your unique perspective. We’re looking for fresh, expressive, out-of-the-box content.

Technical guidelines for proposal:

  • Submit a 700-900 word article

  • BE CREATIVE! This theme is not limited to UVA, or even the United States!

Submissions are due on Friday, March 29 at 11:59pm. Please email submissions to Ethan Sullivan (

Good luck and please email Ethan Sullivan ( or Edie Tepper ( with any questions or concerns. We are excited to receive your proposals!