Hunter Hess: Why I Vote

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Hunter Hess is a first-year studying Foreign Affairs.

Why are you voting, why is it so important?

I am voting for many reasons, but the reason at the top of the list is to restore sensible leadership as well as checks and balances to all levels of government. As a progressive, I am very distraught with the direction of our nation at the moment. Voting in this election is important as ever due to the number of issues being widely ignored by the current congressional majority.

What issues are most high on your mind as you go to vote this year?

Gun control, climate change, and affordable health care are the issues on my mind during this midterm season. Since the Trump administration came into power, they have either ignored these problems or rolled back legislation that dealt with them. I will be voting for candidates who have made these issues a priority.

What could be done to make voting easier or more accessible?

I think the easiest way to greatly expand voter registration would be to directly tie driving license registration to the voting rolls. All the necessary information that is needed to vote is part of the license registration process, so why not just automatically make that person a registered voter?