5th District Congressional Questionnaire - Vote November 6th

Leslie Cockburn

Leslie Cockburn

The two candidates running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District are Leslie Cockburn, the Democratic nominee, and Denver Riggleman, the Republican nominee. Ms. Cockburn, a former journalist, won the Democratic nomination following a round of caucuses, when she defeated Ben Cullop, Roger Dean Huffstetler, and Andrew Sneathern. Mr. Riggleman, a distillery owner, won the Republican nomination a week after incumbent congressman Tom Garrett announced he would not seek re-election, defeating Cynthia Dunbar after several rounds of secret ballotting.

You can find out more information about both candidates from their campaign websites:

Leslie Cockburn

Denver Riggleman

This year’s election will be held on Tuesday, November 6th. Polls are open from 6AM-7PM. To check where your polling place is, click here. You can also learn more about polling places in Charlottesville by clicking here.

Getting to the polls can be easy, fast, and free. For UVA students, staff, and faculty, the Parking & Transportation website provides a list of options for getting to each local polling place. CAR2Vote provides free and direct rides to the polls; just sign up through the online form or call the number on the website. They will also be stationed at Ruppel Drive from 10AM to 7PM. UTS provides service to Alumni Hall, Johnson Elementary School, Buford Middle School, Slaughter Rec, and Venable. CAT buses provide access to every polling place in Charlottesville, and will be free on election day. Yellow Cab will be offering $5 off rides, and Uber & Lyft will be offering 50% off. Finally, UVA will be offering a free election shuttle running from Thornton Hall and the Intersection of JPA & Shamrock Rd to Buford and Johnson polling places from 10AM - 7PM.

To view each candidate’s answers to our questionnaire, simply click their image above.

Denver Riggleman

Denver Riggleman

We sent each candidate a questionnaire asking them the same questions:

  1. Why are you running to represent Virginia’s Fifth District?

  2. What would be your one top policy priority if elected?

  3. The country has been divided over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. What are your thoughts on his confirmation? What changes are needed in the way sexual assault allegations are handled?

  4. Do you think the Trump tax cuts have been successful? Why or why not?

  5. The Atlantic finds that Charlottesville has the highest health insurance premiums of any American city. What can Congress do to lower premiums?

  6. The Town Hall Project found that 48% of members of Congress held zero town halls in 2017. If elected to Congress, how would you maintain a continuous working relationship with your constituents? Can you commit to holding a certain number of town halls per year?

  7. This September, President Trump introduced a set of tariffs valued at $200 billion. What are your thoughts on these tariffs? In formulating America’s trade policy, what are the most important factors to consider?

  8. The Washington Post finds that black families, on average, have one-tenth the wealth of white families. How should Congress address this disparity?

  9. 70% of college students graduate with a significant amount of student loan debt, which can pose a lasting financial burden on recent graduates. What policies should Congress consider to remedy this issue?

  10. Which policy areas do you see as having the best potential for bipartisan support?